Monday 4:15pm - 5:15pm Learn To Skate

Monday 4:15pm - 5:15pm Learn To Skate

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Mondays 4:15pm - 5:15pm @ RINX on rink 3


LEARN TO SKATE - You need a CSA approved helmet with a cage and mitts or hockey gloves to protect their hands that they must wear.

*parents of students are encouraged to 'hide' until their child is happy to be on the ice with their parents watching them.*. If you are taking your child off the ice when they are crying it will make it harder for them in the long run.  

U7, U6, U5, U4, U3.  

This class is about getting students having fun in their skates and acclimatized with the ice and the equipment.

Students will move at their own pace.  

Balance, down and getting up on their own & walking on the ice - using a skating aid.

Then we will take away the skating aid.

1 foot balance, shuffle steps, spins, bubbles & shaving the ice.

T-push, pushing friends on chairs, 2 foot glides, 1 foot glides, turning & C-cuts.

THIS WILL BE THE CURRICULUM - a lot of the class time will be games - we will mix in the skill development.  Once our students have gotten the hang of things they can move into our LEARN TO PLAY class at the same time and on the same ice as our LEARN TO SKATE class.

 @ The Rinx on Rink 3.

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