Our goal is to produce a unique hockey experience for our students where they work hard to develop new skills. Through this hard work and new skills our students gain more confidence to reach higher goals.  We guarantee results.

Annie Fahlenbock – Owner and Director of Fierce Hockey

Brave New Leaders Course 2018

Leaside Hockey Hall of Fame 2015

BA in English from University of New Hampshire.

Captain of University of New Hampshire hockey team.

Full Hockey Scholarship to the University of New Hampshire.

Over 25yrs experience teaching and coaching hockey in North America.

    “Hockey has always been a place of confidence, inspiration and passion. My goal is to help everyone enjoy the sport as much as I do.” - Annie Fahlenbock

    Tyler Brown – Head instructor

    20011 – 2017 played in the AHL for Adirondack, Hartford & Greenville.

    2007 – 2011 played for the Plymouth Whalers in the OHL.

    Cassie Clayton – Head Instructor

    Graduated Teachers College 2018.

    BA from RIT.

    Full Hockey Scholarship to RIT.

    7yrs teaching & coaching experience.

    Cody Brown – Instructor

    Currently playing in the SPHL Fayettesville Marksmen

    Graduated Western University BA

    All Other Staff – Instructors and Volunteer Instructors

    "The Fierce staff is students of mine who have grown into very talented, amazing people and hockey players. These young adults are people I have known and taught for many years. They know what the Fierce experience is all about – Working hard and having fun! They love hockey almost as much as I do! There is a strict no cell phone policy with all staff and staff participates in games on and off the ice. This is what makes the Fierce experience unique from other hockey programs, the connection our staff makes with our students." – Annie Fahlenbock